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Marthas Caribbean Kitchen

Ms. Martha’s History

The owner of Ms. Martha’s Caribbean Kitchen is Martha Laurencin, a native West Indian. Ms. Laurencin has been around the kitchen since her very early years. Having grown up on the Caribbean Island of St. John Virgin Islands, Ms. Laurencin learned to cook by watching her family members and always being up close and assisting by handing off ingredients, assisting in prepping foods, mixing up the goods and cleaning while family members cooked. Weekends were used as practice as she baked and cooked for the neighborhood kids, and always being willing to cook for others and family when there was an opportunity to do so. Ms. Laurencin has been in the food business in various capacities having worked for Hyatt Hotels in various positions, working with private catering company and then being in the Conference and Events Department at her church and eventually starting her own business. Ms. Martha’s passion for cooking and serving came more so by serving others wherever there was a need. Ms. Laurencin carried that passion into adult hood by always cooking and sharing her native dishes with her co-workers and her church family by serving up various dishes to break bread with others. In 2009, while working as a social worker with Arizona State Government, Division of Children Services, the Department, faced large deficits and opted to furlough workers down to 30 hours a week. Given the financial loss to her household, this led her to tap into her natural skills to make up for the loss. Eventually that led to catering office lunches on Fridays and then eventually opening a catering business and then the opening of Caribbean Marketplace Kitchen and Grill. Ms. Laurencin has always had a strong desire to cook and serve others, as she recognized at an early age that food brings people together and makes their souls happy. Ms. Laurencin’s ultimate desire is to prepare her dishes with such love and attentiveness that it exudes that love to the receiver and it satisfies their souls. Ms. Laurencin believes that Soul satisfying good food brings people together and causes great connections that lead to happy and peace loving times. That is the connection that causes customers to return over and over.

Phoenix’s Most Delicious Caribbean Cuisine

We are a family owned, Caribbean Restaurant, rooted in the food, music, culture and people of the Caribbean West Indies. We offer takeout orders, dine in -orders, and delivery services thru 3rd party services. We provide a variety of goods including baked goods, full menu Entrees, Fresh Juices, Smoothies, and selected Island spices and Island treats for sale. We serve food that is freshly made with various Island spices and prepared with lots of love and attention. Our mission is to provide Good Food that has Good flavor that connects to the soul of our customers in order to create great vibes all around.

Phoenix’s Most Delicious Caribbean Cuisine

We love to cook our native island dishes and we love to serve our dishes to those we come in contact with. Service is embedded in our DNA, as it is what we do best. We provide quality products and represent the best of our culture. Our dishes are authentic and we try our very best to import the majority of our seasonings and spices for our major ingredients, from various Caribbean Islands.

Phoenix’s Most Delicious Caribbean Cuisine

We take pleasure in serving our customers, because we love knowing that we served our customers to the best of our abilities.  Knowing that they are the reason for our continued existence, we are honored in our service.  We take pride in our business, our products and our service because we believe that our customers deserve our best and we whole heartedly make every attempt to provide our best.

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