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How to place your order? Choose how you want it –An Entree or a bowl or ala carte. Then choose the number for your choice. Pick your side dishes – one for bowls and two for Entree.

Upsizing is available for $5.00 more for a large plate.

Combo plates are available in order to add a second entre. Please add $5.00 more if selecting an additional chicken entre chicken or $7.00 more to add a meat selection. The addition will be applied to the highest priced item.

Variety Wings
Main Entrees I Ala Carte
Main Entrees I Side Dishes I Side Entrees
Special Order Items
Drinks— Prices Vary
Fresh Juices
Family Meals

(These are small bite sized items.  Some are available on the spot and others  

may need about 15 minutes preparation time.  ) 

Jamaican Patties   – Stuffed dough filled Meat Pies – baked                                                      

(Beef, Curry Chicken, Jerk Chicken, Beefy Cheese; Vegetables) **Jamaican Sandwich (Choice of any patties w/ Coco Bread)    

Coco Bread  – Soft sweet Sandwich loaf  bread                                            

Caribbean Pate’– Stuffed Dough filled Meat Pies – Deep Fried                     

Beef, Turkey, Salt Fish, and Vegetables 

Bakes /Fried Dumplings (Johnny Cakes) – Deep Fried dough form bread)     

Festivals    –Deep Fried mixture of flour and cornmeal in small bread rolls     

French Fries (regular or Yucca)     

Plantain Fries   (Seasoned Coated plantains deep fried)                         

Wings – Half Dozen  /  1 Dozen 

Fried Wings – Lightly coated in house seasoned flour and deep-fried. 

Jerk Wings – Seasoned and marinated in-house jerk seasoning mix and grilled. 

Calypso Wings – Deep fried wings sauced in our blended mixture of island flavor mixes. 

Jerk BBQ Wings – Deep fried wings sauced in a mixture of Jerk and BBQ sauce.

#1 Brown Stew Chicken Bowl       

(Small pieces of chicken marinated  & stewed in a brown sauce). 

#2 Curry Chicken Bowl   

(Small pieces of chicken marinated in curry seasoning & slow cooked). 

 #3  Fried Chicken Bowl               

(Pieces of Chicken seasoned, coated & deep fried). 

#4 Curry Goat Bowl      

(Goat marinated & cooked in curry seasoning). 

#5 Ox Tails                            

(Ox Tails diced & slow-cooked in a brown sauce).

#6  Vegetarian Bowl                         

(Choice of 3 side dishes ) 

***Bowls are served with a choice of one side dish. 

Main Entrees 

Brown stew Chicken (Small pieces of chicken marinated and stewed in a brown sauce).

Curry Chicken (Small pieces of chicken marinated in curry seasoning and slow cooked).

Fried Chicken (Chicken pieces seasoned, coated, and fried).

Jerk Chicken (Jerk seasoned, marinated, and grilled to perfection).

Curry Goat (Cubed cut Goat Meat, curried and slow cooked).

Oxtails (Diced pieces of Ox Tails, seasoned and slow-cooked in brown sauce).

Vegetarian Plate (Rice & Peas, Plantains, Cabbage).

**Main dishes are served with a choice of two side dishes.   

Rice and Peas 

(Rice cooked with seasoned flavored red kidney beans).  

White Rice 

(Parboiled Rice with very light seasoning). 

Yellow Rice                                     

(Yellow Saffron /Tumeric Seasoned rice with a hint of parsley).   


(Cabbage, carrots & bell peppers saute). 


(Ripe sweet sliced plantains deep-fried).        


Served with a choice of two side dishes.  Specialty items may vary in price as they are based on market pricing and market availability;   


(Choose style: Curry, Jerk , Brown Stew or Sauté’ with Vegetables) 

Red Snapper Fish  (size and price varies – 1-3 lb fish      $MKT 

Choose Style:  Whole fish – Fried, Brown Stewed, Roast or Escoveitch sauce – (vinegar  –onions and pepper sauce) 

Salt Fish and Ackee          

Jamaica’s national dish – Cod fish sautéed in vegetable called Ackee; diced with onions/pepper 

Callaloo —     (Ala Carte)                

Caribbean style Greens sautéed with onions and bell peppers with light seasoning 

D & G Sodas – Cream

Ginger Beer

Kola Champagne


Pineapple Ginger

Regular Soft Drinks 






Calypso Iced Tea

Fruit Punch

Irish Moss

Cobblers – Mango and Peach 

Tarts – Coconut , Pineapple 

Cheesecake–Coconut, Guava, Mango  

Plantain Tarts 

Spice Cake; Pound Cake  

Each Family meal Includes: 1 Entre; 2 Side Dishes &  Rolls;  

We have Family meals available to (serves 4 ppl) / (serves 6ppl) for choice of Chicken options. 

The price of Meat or fish items varies.  These options vary with market prices given the fluctuation of the current market.  **Please inquire.